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QuickPay Portal Tips ---- 

  • You MAY experience problems with the QuickPay portal if you are using an unsupported or out of date internet browser. Supported computer or mobile browsers are as follows: 

Google Chrome 30 and higher
Mozilla Firefox 40 and higher
MS Internet Explorer 11 and higher
Microsoft  Edge 13 and higher
Opera 35 and higher
Apple Safari 9 and higher

  • If your current outstanding balance is greater than the statement balance (because you have incurred additional charges since the statement was issued), you can pay only the statement balance using the QuickPay Portal. 
  • Always use the most up-to-date statement QuickPay Portal number. Once you receive a new statement, the old number is no longer valid. 
  • The code must be put in precisely as you see it on the statement including dashes.
  • If you have a payment plan set up, you cannot use the QuickPay portal. 

  Continue on to the QuickPay Portal by using the link below: