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We have a new Electronic Health Record, Billing System, and Patient Portal coming May 23rd! Our current portal will be replaced with a new one. The new portal has a smartphone & tablet app you can use to message us, look at your health information, see your statement, and more. Additional information to come! Thank you for choosing Northeast Iowa Family Practice as your health care provider! 

My WebView Chart

My Web View Chart Help

Click the links below for helpful tips and how-tos for My Chart by Web View


 Need more help? Please call 319-272-2112 during normal business hours.                                                                          

What is My Web View Chart?
My Web View Chart is a patient portal that allows you to view parts of your electronic health record here at Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center. You will be connected through a secured gateway and may view:

  • Your vital signs (Blood pressures, temperature/respirations/heart rates, height/weight)
  • Your medication list
  • Your drug allergies
  • You can message your Healthcare team (nurse/doc), insurance, our Referral Nurse, or Scheduler/Operator.
  • We can message you or send letters and results via the portal. 
  • Request an appointment and we’ll call you with a date and time!
  • See past and future appointments
  • New patients can pre-register


All this can be done using a secure connection from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have access to the web. 

How do I sign up for My Web View Chart?

At Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center, we closely guard your protected health information. For this reason, we ask that you sign up for My Web View Chart in our office with a picture ID to prove your identity. You must be 18 years or older to set up access.

How do I log in to My Web View Chart?
Click on “My Web View Chart Log In” on our website home page. Once you "AGREE" to the terms and conditions for use of the website you will be taken to the login screen. 

How do I recover my user name and password if I forget it?

User name: Your My Web View Chart user name is your patient chart number. Your chart number is unique to you and only you. Others in your family have their own unique number. Your chart number is on your statement. If you don’t have access to your user name (chart number) on an old statement, you can retrieve it from the log in screen by selecting the "If you've lost your password click here". Select the forgotten user name link. It will ask you your security question. If you answer it correctly, the system will give you your user name then your password will be emailed to the email we have on file. 

Passwords: We issue you a temporary password when you sign up for My Web View Chart. The first time you log in, you will be asked to change to your own confidential password. Your password should be something your other family members cannot guess if you do not want them to gain access to your chart; especially if you share an e-mail account with someone else in the family. If you know the answer to your security question, you may reset your password. You can also retrieve your password by going to the Log In screen and selecting "If you've lost your password click here". The software will walk you through it from there.

Security Question / Answer: When you initially sign up, you will give us a security question and answer as you set up your account. If you forget the answer to your security question, it can be emailed to the email account we have on file.

How do I choose a password?

Your password must contain a combination of letter(s), number(s), and one special character with a total of 6 characters.

How do I send my healthcare team a message using My Web View Chart?

1. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of use of the website, you will be taken to the log in screen.  
2. Enter your user name and password.
3. From the main screen, select New Message.
4. Click on To..and a list of people will pop up for you to chose from.
5. Put something in the subject line.
6. Type your message in the body.
7. Click on send.
8. When we respond to your question, you will receive an email notifying you we've posted a response on Web View.
9. You can also reply if you need to.
10. Open the message by clicking on the subject and the message will open.
11. Type in your note and reply. 

How do I request or view an appointment using My Web View Chart?
1. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of use of the website, you will be taken to the log in screen.
2. Enter your user name and password information.
3. Select Appointments to view past / present appointments.
4. Select Appointment Request to send a message to our scheduler. Please note that this is for NON-URGENT appointments. If you need an appointment that day, please call the office at 319-272-2112.
5. You will first select your physician of choice (or 1st available), specify a preferred date and time, and provide a little information in “Appointment Reason” so we know what you want to be seen for.
6. Select submit to send us your appointment request and we’ll call or message you with an appointment date and time that works with your selected parameters. 

How does a new patient pre-register using My Web View Chart?  

1. You will be asked for a pre-registration password. Please call our office at 319-272-2112 to request the password.
2. Pre-registration may take a half hour or more because you’re answering questions about past and present health issues regarding you and your close family members. The more complex your health issues; the more time you’ll need to complete during the registration. The system will log you off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
3.Once you’ve filled out your personal information and health history, Web view will make you an electronic health record in our system and load your history right into your record for the doctor.
4. To proceed with pre-registering, select the My Chart by Web View link from this website.
5. Read through and accept the disclosure if you agree to the terms of use.
6. Select “Click here to register”
7. All items with an * asterisk are required fields. The more you fill, the more complete your record will be.
8. The only field we anticipate you may have trouble with is filling in your insurance carrier. We have built in a default insurance code called INSURANCE INFO you can put in place of your carrier. We'll scan your insurance card and fill in the correct carrier when you arrive. 

How do I use the appointment check in feature?     

We are not currently using the check in feature.

 Can I use messaging for prescription refills?

For faster service, please call your pharmacy for prescription refills.