My WebView Chart

What is My Web View Chart?

My Web View Chart is a "patient portal". It allows you to securely view portions of your electronic health record online from anywhere you have access to the internet. You can do the following using My Web View Chart:

  • Review your vital signs (Blood pressures, heart rates/temperature/pulse, height/weight).
  • See your lab results.
  • See your medication list.
  • See your drug allergies.
  • You can send your healthcare team (doctor/nurse), insurance department, or referral nurse a message and we'll message you back.
  • We can send you test results and letters via Web View.
  • Request an appointment and we'll call you with a date and time!
  • See past and future appointments
  • New patient registration


We take keeping your health information safe very seriously. In order to sign up for My Chart by WebView, you must come to our office in person with a valid picture ID and be 18 years or older.