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Welcome Letter

As a patient to our practice, we want to let you know a little about the things that are important to us. You may have heard our slogan - "It's all about family and you" - on the radio or on TV. More likely you simply heard about us from a friend or family member that sees one of our doctors. Either way, our clinic is very different.

First and most importantly, our goal is excellence. We strive to work with you to provide you the best medical care possible. We hope to help you be the healthiest you can be. We expect you to work with us to get healthier. If you are overweight, we will expect you to improve your diet and exercise regularly to lose weight. If you have high blood pressure, we will expect you to take medicine and make other lifestyle changes to reduce it. Together, your doctor, nurse and staff can help you enjoy excellent health.

Secondly, our mission is education. We exist to train physicians after medical school to be excellent Family Physicians. Our resident physicians train here for three years. They spend countless hours in both hospitals and with community physicians in most specialties learning to provide the best care for their patients in our office and after they finish training. Because of that, our teaching faculty and our resident physicians all have limited hours to see you in our office. We use team approaches to ensure you have access every day to an excellent provider. For routine visits, we make every effort to schedule you to see your personal physician. For more urgent visits, you will likely see one of our many residents or physician's assistants who are being supervised every day by a teaching physician. Sometimes those visits take a bit longer. Newer physicians spend a bit more time with you and spend time confirming they remembered the correct medication dose, looking for its side effects and reviewing the treatment plans with their teaching physician. All of this is to create an excellent learning environment for them and to provide excellent care to you. Hopefully you will enjoy watching and learning with our resident physicians.

Finally, our process is compassionate, patient-centered teamwork. Every member of our staff works to make our slogan real every day. It is all about family and you. We want your visit to comfort and reassure you that we care. We keep using new technology to make it easier for you to contact us with questions, to get an appointment with a physician and to meet your needs in a timely manner. No office is perfect, but we will keep trying to work together to meet your health care needs. We appreciate knowing when we have provided excellent care and when we have not, so we can learn to be better together. Thanks for choosing us for your medical care.

Your Family Practice Center Team