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Mobile Phone Apps

We are excited to share with you some of the quality mobile health apps available for smartphones and tablets.   When you download these applications, you are on your way to tracking your own way to better health! 

52  Weeks for Women's Health
By the National Institutes of Health for iPhones and Androids

This mobile app is for anyone interested in educating themselves more on women's health from 'eye health' or 'pregnancy'.  Fifty two health topics offer lifestyle tips applicable to that subject and you can quickly make a list of your favorite tips for quick references.  This app also gives you the ability to track your own personal health information such as medications, allergies and wellbeing. 

BMI Calculator
By the National Institute of Health for iPhones

This is the #1 tool on Google and receives 1.6 million visitors a month to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's BMI calculator app.  BMI(Body Mass Indicator) is a reliable tool for total body fat, which relates to the risks for diseases and death.  

By the National Library of Medicine for iPhones, iPod touch and iPads

This cool, educational app offers 2D and 3D images  describing the stages of embryo development.  Various information on pregnancy and stages of embryo growth along with videos on how fertililzation occurs within the body are included in this app.  You can use this mobile app to follow your pregnancy, a friend's or that of a family member's pregnancy.    

By Center for Disease Control and Prevention for iPhones

This health app allows you to track flu-like activity levels across the U.S.  The CDC is required to track such symptoms as they are reported  to health care providers across the country.  With this current information, you can use this app to display reports in your local area and compare them to period of high and low flu risks.    

Health Hotlines
By National Library of Medicine for iPhones, iPods, and iPads

This is a community service mobile app to help the public locate health-related information.  It is a directory of over 9,000 organizations with toll-free telephone numbers.  Subject matters include AIDS, cancer, other diseases/disorders, maternal & child health, aging, substance abuse, disabilities and mental health.  The organizations fall into many categories such as:  government agencies, information & referral centers, professional societies, support groups and volunteer organizations. 

NCI QuitPal
By National Cancer Institute for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad

This mobile app was designed to help you become smoke free!  It offers proven strategies/tools to help assist you in giving up smoking. Features include:  calendar functions to set a quit date, financial goals by date and reminders; tracking daily smoking habits with easy to use log; graphic features tracking money you've saved and number of packs you have not smoked; health milestone alerts and craving tips to stay motivated; Facebook/Twitter intergration so friends can be updated on your milestones; Video diary features and ability to receive personalized video messages from loved ones.