At the Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center, we understand that the birth of a baby is one of the most meaningful events a family can experience. We offer complete prenatal care, delivery and post partum care, including ultrasounds, fetal non-stress tests, and prenatal labs. We have an onsite OB nurse who will meet with you to answer questions and educate you on good prenatal care and nutrition.

In the first weeks of your pregnancy, you will be scheduled for a complete new OB exam which includes medical history, pap smear, vaginal exam, and lab work, as well as time to discuss your questions with your physician. You will then have regular appointments with the physician during the entire length of your pregnancy. In the final weeks of your pregnancy you will see the physician on a weekly basis up until delivery. While at the hospital your personal physician will care for your needs during labor and delivery and our skilled team will care for you and your infant after birth. If adoption is what you have chosen for your baby, we will assist you in making choices that suit your needs with our caring social workers by your side.