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About Us

Our Clinic

Over the last 40 years, Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center and our Medical Residency Program have been caring for patients and teaching Resident Family Physicians in the Cedar Valley. We are sponsored by Covenant Medical Center and Unity Point – Allen and see patients at both sites when you find yourself in the hospital. Family Physicians are trained to address any patient and any issue that walks through our door.  We take care of families during pregnancy and delivery. We help kids grow from newborn through toddler and school years before transitioning to adulthood.  We assist adults with healthy living, addressing acute illnesses and diagnosing chronic diseases as they develop, including mental health concerns and addiction issues.  As people age and retire, we help prioritize appropriate screening tests, health goals, and preferences dependent on patient and family wishes.

Much of the time, we are able to evaluate and care for patients with our team of 24 physicians, 11 nurses, 3 pharmacists, 2 behavioral health counselors, 1 social worker and 2 health coaches.  We offer onsite Labs, X-rays, and many other services. Other times, we are able to refer patients to additional care providers to assist in the management of specific needs.  We pride ourselves on getting to know our patients and constantly striving to improve the care the we provide.  We offer same day appointments and have a physician on call 24 hours a day.

Come see us today and let us provide you with, what we feel is, the best care in the Cedar Valley!

Our Residency Program

Our Faculty have 132 years of combined clinical experience and Clinical Appointments with the University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine. Almost half of the Cedar Valley’s Family Practice Physicians graduated from our program. Our Resident Physicians have graduated from medical schools as an MD or DO and spend three years with us learning the specialty of family medicine.


Developing excellent Family Medicine physicians by modeling and teaching compassionate and comprehensive patient care delivered with the highest quality.

Core Values

FAMILY-N-U Culture

Free exchange of ideas - Open honest and respectful communication is crucial to having a successful working environment.

Appropriate levels of responsibility - Each employee has responsibilities based on their education, ability, training and experience.

Management through service - Leadership occurs when leaders enable their employees to excel at their roles.

Initiatives for excellence - Training and practicing excellence involve effort by all of us.

Learning focus - Education is our top priority and every employee must continue to learn.

You are valued - Every worker at NEIMEF is a valuable person that we appreciate and need.

Never stop improving - Evaluation of our organizational and department performance is necessary for us to be the best we can be.

Unified team approach - Teamwork is the methodology by which we can accomplish our mission

Our Research

The Northeast Iowa Medical Education Foundation started conducting clinical research in 1992 as initiated by Dr. John Sutherland.  We have participated in over 120 clinical trials, enrolling over 1,350 patients since 1992.  The Foundation established the research department to allow our patients and providers to participate in clinical research protocols. We have found that participating in clinical research helps us provide excellent patient care. The department’s focus has been to identify protocols for conditions which are relatively common, and which may be of direct interest and benefit to our patients. Our patients have benefited by receiving study provided medications, screening labs, tests such as blood pressure readings, and medical equipment such as glucose monitors. Such participation allows patients to learn more about their medical conditions and contribute to the accumulation of medical knowledge as a whole.

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