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ADHD Management

Pediatric ADHD

Your physician will sit and listen to your concerns about your child that you or the child's teacher may be having. With the assistance of teacher and parent evaluation forms we can decide whether or not they may need a referral to a specialist or if we can start medications if needed. We can counsel you on ways of how to deal with ADHD and be there for you to express your concerns.

Adult ADHD

Having trouble concentrating or do you have a long-time history of ADHD? We can help. Your physician will listen to your concerns and help you in deciding the right route to take to improve your life.

Annual Wellness Visits (“physicals”)


We believe that yearly wellness exams - for patients of all ages - are necessary for preventing disease and maintaining good health. Annual Wellness Exams or AWVs are designed to review and identify your current health, past medical history, family history, social habits, and behaviors. Reviewing your “wellness” or how healthy you are helps prevent medical issues and catches things early when done every year. We encourage all our patients to schedule their AWV yearly.

Asthma Management

Close and careful monitoring of your asthma can make a world of difference in how you live your daily life. There are many medications and inhalers that can keep you moving and not let your asthma get you down.

We can do specialized testing right in our office for people who come to us with complaints of shortness of breath or difficulty with breathing called pulmonary (lung) function testing. The technician uses a piece of equipment called a spirometer to see how well you breathe. This test measures how much air you can blow out of your lungs. It also records how fast you can exhale the air out of your lungs. If these measurements are lower than normal, you may have asthma. We can do testing with and without the use of medication to see if this helps you breathe more easily.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, lung disease, and heart disease can shorten your life, especially when left unchecked. Regularly scheduled follow up helps keep these health issues in check and can help you live a longer, happier life. Most of these diseases are followed up on every 6 months; sometimes every 3 if you are not responding to treatment or making positive changes in your life. Being several months overdue for these rechecks can delay treatment plans that can help you live a healthier life sooner.

We offer chronic care management to our patients and call and check on your health in between visits. We also review medication lists looking for drug interactions or do chart reviews looking for overdue health maintenance that should be done to help your health.

Colon Cancer Screening

Colonoscopy is a test that allows your doctor to look at the insides of your large and small intestines and rectum through a thin, flexible scope called a colonoscope. A colonoscopy helps detect ulcers, polyps, or tumors, and areas of inflammation or bleeding. During a colonoscopy, tissue samples can be collected and abnormal growths can be removed. Colonoscopy can also be used as a screening test to identify and remove precancerous and cancerous growths in the colon or rectum. Early detection of colon cancer is so important to surviving the disease, so don’t put off having your colonoscopy even if you’re feeling fine. You won’t necessarily notice symptoms until your colon cancer is advanced and harder to treat.

Cologuard is a stool DNA test that is available for testing people over the age of 45 with average risk of colon cancer. Your stool is sent off to the lab and looks for cancerous or pre-cancerous DNA in your stool. People that have already had a colonoscopy and had positive findings in the past or have colon diseases such as IBS or Chron’s disease are not eligible for this test. If your Cologuard is positive you will still have to have the colonoscopy so a physician can look for suspicious tissue and possibly do biopsies but if it is negative, you will not.

iFobt is a stool test that looks for the presence of hemoglobin or blood in your stool. Blood is the first sign of possible problems in your stomach and colon known together as your digestive tract. It is sensitive only to human hemoglobin and not red blood from meats you’ve eaten. You need to make sure you do not have internal or external bleeding hemorrhoids when you do this test as that blood will be picked up in the test and cause a false positive. A positive test will mean your doctor will want to send you on to have a colonoscopy to scope your digestive tract for suspicious tissue and possibly do biopsies.

Diabetic Management

Diabetes is a very common problem that requires careful monitoring and treatment. Routine visits are at least every 6 months. They will be scheduled every 3 months if your diabetes is not under control. Physicians like to see your A1C under 7.0%. A normal person’s A1C is considered less than 6.0%. It is important to not let too long go between these appointments so your blood sugar stays under control. Poor sugar control can affect so many systems and make you susceptible to issues such as peripheral neuropathy, kidney disease, and higher risk for heart attack if not properly taken care of.

Geriatric or Elderly Specialty Care

As we age our bodies and minds go through lots of changes and we need someone we can trust to help us navigate and understand those changes. At Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center we have a friendly, patient, and caring staff. We are here to listen and answer your questions about changes you may be experiencing to your body, mind, and moods and can help whether that is listening, talking, testing, and/or medications. We can help you set up your advanced directive or “living will” so you can make informed decisions about resuscitation, life support, breathing aids, or other life saving measures before you have an emergency. Your loved ones and healthcare professionals will know what your wishes are should you have an emergency and it won’t put those decisions on your loved ones during a crisis.

GYN (Women’s Health) Services

We offer women’s health services for:

Annual pap smears

Family Planning


Treatment of vaginal warts


Breast exams

What is a colposcopy? A colposcopy is a way your doctor can examine your genitals, vagina and cervix more closely. A colposcope is an instrument that shines a light on the cervix and magnifies the view for your doctor. At the beginning of the exam, you lie back and place your feet in the stirrups as you would for a pap smear. Your doctor inserts a speculum into your vagina and opens it slightly so your cervix can be seen. Then your doctor applies a vinegar solution to the cervix and vagina with a cotton ball or swab. The vinegar makes abnormal tissue turn white so your doctor can identify areas that may need further evaluation.

If your doctor sees areas of abnormal tissue during the colposcopy, he or she may also perform a biopsy. This involves removing small samples of tissue from any abnormal areas in or around the cervix. A specialist doctor called a pathologist will examine these samples in the laboratory.

It usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes for your doctor to complete a colposcopy and biopsy.

Home Visits For Home-bound Patients

We have provided home visits to disabled or home-bound patients for over 25 years. The physician, nurse and occasionally other health providers go to those patients that can't come to us. You or your family must be considered home-bound for you to qualify for these services.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify, please contact our home visit nurse at 319-272-2560.

Hospital Services

We can admit our patients to either MercyOne Waterloo Medical Center or Unity Point Health – Allen Hospital in Waterloo.

We provide inpatient care for our patients in both hospitals. Your primary care provider at the office may not always be the one caring for you in the hospital but it will be someone from our office on “Team”. Hospital duty is rotated among our Physicians. It is common to be taken care of by someone from Family Practice Center and any specialists that are called upon for your care. Your personal physician will resume your care in our office after your discharge from any hospital.


We follow the latest, most up-to-date CDC recommendations when it comes to immunizations and your health.

Joint Injections

Your physician may discuss with you the option of joint injections. We frequently give joint injections in the knee, hip, tennis elbow, trigger finger, shoulder and heel, if there are arthritic or inflammatory problems that exist.



We have the ability to collect and run many tests in-house with results in just a few hours to 24hrs. A few of the most common tests we run are: Lipid panels (cholesterol/triglycerides/good/bad cholesterol), thyroid, liver, and electrolyte panels as well as complete blood counts (CBC), A1C’s, urine microalbumin, and urinalysis including examination under the microscope. We also can check for strep, mono, and Influenza in a matter of minutes. We also offer GC, Chlamydia, trichomonas, yeast, and bacterial vaginosis testing in the office..

While we are able to draw for nearly any test in our in-house lab, we occasionally have to send the blood to an outside lab to be tested if we do not perform the test in our laboratory. We have the ability to send specimens to Unity Point Health - Allen Hospital, MercyOne Waterloo Medical Center, Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics Laboratories according to the patient's preference. Results typically come back on these tests within 1-2 days and are placed in your chart for your Physician to review. 

Our laboratory personnel have many years of combined experience in drawing blood, processing, and testing. We have the latest technology, machines, tests, Quality Assurance Program, and perform Quality Controls and Proficiency Testing just like any other hospital or large laboratory would. Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center Laboratory has been awarded the Laboratory Excellence Award many times since the early 90’s and again recently for 2017-2018. This is awarded to laboratories who have proven their outstanding performance in quality patient testing and overall exemplary application of the principles of laboratory practices.


Our in-house Radiology department at Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center (NEIFPC) uses digital radiography to perform head-to-toe imaging. Your images are reviewed by your physician the same day as your exam, as well as read by our radiologist, with an official report completed within a few days.

We are able to access any previous radiology exams from local hospitals so that they can be compared to exams completed at NEIFPC to monitor for changes and improvements.

The NEIFPC Radiology department also offers EKG’s, with immediate results that are reviewed by your physician before you leave the office, as well as Pulmonary (lung) Function Testing with same day results. OB Ultrasounds are also offered at our office, and scheduled during your OB appointments.

Walk-In Lab and X-ray Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.  Saturday 9:00 am to 11:30 am (Lab only-No X-ray available on Saturdays) 

Mental Health Counseling

Our physicians provide holistic care to you and your family. Holistic health understands that physical conditions affect our emotional well-being and that our emotional state impacts our physical health. We offer services by a licensed mental health clinician who can help you with challenging times in your life. Psychotherapy and support for depression, anxiety, trauma and other conditions; assessment and referral to appropriate community resources; helping you to manage your illness so it doesn't manage you; coaching to help you achieve your life goals and improve your relationships with others are just a few of the options available to patients from our talented mental health staff.

Nursing Home Care

Our faculty and resident physicians see patients at most local care facilities. We make routine visits to take care of you or your loved one's needs. We keep in close contact with the medical staff at the care facility to stay on top of any condition changes. We can help make the transition between home and the care facility as easy as possible on you and your family. Our onsite social worker can help you find the right place for you whether it is assisted living or long term care.


At the Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center, we understand that the birth of a baby is one of the most meaningful events a family can experience. We offer complete prenatal care, delivery and post-partum care, including ultrasounds, fetal non-stress tests, and prenatal labs. We have an onsite OB nurse who will meet with you to answer questions and educate you on good prenatal care and nutrition.

In the first weeks of your pregnancy, you will be scheduled for a complete new OB exam which includes medical history, pap smear, vaginal exam, and lab work. This is a great time to discuss your questions with your physician. You will then have regular appointments with the physician during the entire length of your pregnancy. In the final weeks of your pregnancy you will see the physician on a weekly basis up until delivery. While at the hospital your personal physician will care for your needs during labor and delivery and our skilled team will care for you and your infant after birth. If adoption is what you have chosen for your baby, we will assist you in making choices that suit your needs with our caring social worker by your side.

Office Procedural Care

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Testing

You come to the office and your blood pressure is way too high, but you are convinced it is just "white coat hypertension" and just coming to the office makes it go up. You tell your doctor it is fine at home and when you check it at the local supermarket. He/she may recommend a small portable BP device that you will wear at home that will check your BP at timed intervals, even during your sleep. We can use this information for any needed medication or changes in your medications.

Skin Treatments, Including Lesion Removal

We can perform minor skin procedures, including but not limited to, mole and lesion removal, wart treatment, cyst removal, wound debridement, ingrown toenail removal, and cryotherapy.

Event Monitor for Cardiac Arrhythmia

For those patients with complaints of heart racing, palpitations, shortness of breath or near fainting episodes can be hooked you up to cardiac monitor you will wear at home. We will send you with a small, discrete monitor you can wear around your neck or on your belt loop for 30 days. When you have these symptoms you simply push the button on your device and it will record your heart rhythm which can be looked at for abnormalities.

Stress Management

Stress is a part of our daily lives. Balancing work, home and relationships can be challenging at times. It can affect sleep, relationships, and leave you with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Sadness and anxiety that last longer than a few days, as well as physical symptoms, can all be signs that your life is out of balance. Your doctor can help you sort this out and discuss ways to decrease your stress and anxiety through exercise and a better diet. They can also recommend and prescribe medications and help you seek out a counselor.

Urgent Care

Before you go to an Urgent Care, call us first! We offer same day and walk up appointments for acute illnesses and minor injuries. We will do our best to meet your urgent needs.


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