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Resident Information


Below are salaries effective 7/1/2020

YearAnnual Salary
First Year$58,500
Second Year$60,000
Third Year$61,500

Resident Physicians will receive an additional $1,000 (use or lose) annually which may be used for:

  • local mileage reimbursement (not taxable if documented)
  • child care expense (taxable)
  • fitness center memberships (taxable)
  • medical student loan payments (taxable)
  • personal health insurance premium liability (taxable)
  • additional medical/dental reimbursement (taxable)

The Resident Physician will receive a one-time signing bonus/relocation allowance in his/her first year.  Any receipts provided for qualified moving expenses (as determined by the I.R.S.) will reduce the portion of the allowance which is taxable.



Three weeks vacation are allowed in each of the three years.

Continuing Medical Education

Second and third year residents have five days in each year for continuing medical education. During the three years, $1,500 is provided for continuing education activities.

Additional Benefits

  • Health/Dental and hospitalization insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Membership dues (American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, Iowa Medical Society, and American Osteopathic Association)
  • Medical/Dental expense reimbursement
  • Pre-tax insurance premiums
  • Dependent care expense reimbursement
  • $1,400 relocation allowance (one time)
  • $500 contribution to Medical/Dental reimbursement fund (annual)
  • Subsidized flexible spending program of $1,000 per training year which can be used for reimbursement for things such as: fitness center membership, local mileage, child care, medical student loan payments, resident share of personal health insurance premium, or any additional medical/dental expenses
  • Lab coats - Up to 4 during Residency
  • On-call meals
  • Accessible/free parking
  • $100 towards medical applications

Admission Requirements

All applications will be screened through the ERAS on-line service for consideration of an interview. We will appoint only those candidates who intend to complete the full three-year training program except in instances where candidates are being considered for admission with advance standing.

Applications will only be accepted through ERAS and they must include:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Letter from the student's college Dean
  • Written personal statement
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Photograph
  • Official medical school transcripts
  • ECFMG certificate (unless in final year of medical school)
  • Copies of all board examination scores
  • Passed Step 1/Comlex 1 and will pass Step 2/Comlex 2 prior to start of residency (Applicants with more than one failure will not be considered...)
  • Graduation within the past 3 years
  • Clinical medical experience in the United States during or subsequent to medical school

In addition to the ERAS documents, we select residents on the basis of their preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, communication skills, and personal qualities such as motivation and integrity.

We are willing to consider candidates eligible for H-1B or J-1 Visas.

The development of our Program's criteria for selection of applicants was designed to provide an opportunity for us to know if your professional goals and attributes are compatible with our educational mission.

Academic Chief Resident

From the desk of the academic chief resident,

Let me welcome you to the Northeast Iowa Family Medicine Resident Program in the heart of the Cedar Valley! We are midwestern, 6+6+6, unopposed community family medicine program located in Waterloo, Iowa. If you want to experience the full gamut of family medicine I recommend no other place to visit either as a medical student on an away or to apply and become a resident. Our program excels at providing a strong environment of camaraderie to foster growth, learning, and education. In addition to strong representation with our core rotations in inpatient and outpatient medicine we offer flexibility to pursue special interests. Our resident graduates from our program range in practice from outpatient only FM docs, hospitalists, emergency medicine docs, hybrid inpatient/outpatient/ED, and cradle-to-grave full scope physicians. Whatever you can place under the umbrella of family medicine our faculty, staff, and residents are more than happy to push you to where you need to be! The Cedar Valley has a population of roughly 100k people and offers a strong selection of entertainment, excitement, and a great way to blow off steam when you need it. Our patient population is diverse and so are the experiences you can have while here. You will have no regrets as a resident of our program and I can most assuredly say you can make a great start to a great career here in the Cedar Valley.


Stanley M. Nickarz



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